Tech & Innovation in Higher Education

Pearson produced an infographic on the use of social media by faculty in higher education in 2012 and 2013. These graphics showed interesting information on the growing trend of using social media both in the classroom, for professional purpose and in their personal life.

The 2013 infograph showed that there was a 21.3% increase in the use of social media in teaching in just one year. It also showed that 79% of faulty believe that technology has helped increase communication between students and faculty. I found it interesting that while 59% of the faculty surveyed believed that mobile technologies and their interactive nature made for a better learning environment, 56% of the faculty surveyed believed that these mobile devices were more distracting than helpful to students work. It seems like its a balancing act between being able to take advantage of all the new technologies that are coming about and making sure that they are not being used by students in class when they should be paying attention.

The 2012 infograph showed that while a majority of faculty (64.4%) were using social media in their personal life only 33.8% were using social media for teaching. This infograph also showed that younger faculty tend to use more social media (both professionally and personally) than older faculty members. This makes since be cause young faculty members grew up in the digital age and were exposed to these technologies throughout their lives, as they were being developed. Where as older faculty spent the majority of their life and professional career’s without these technologies so it might be harder for them to adapt.

While the main concerns of faculty have remained the same from 2012 to 2013, the inforgaphics show that the percent of faculty that are concerned has gone for most cases. Another interesting thing to note is that a few more concerns came up in 2013 (bolded below) that were not mentioned in the 2012 infographic.

Concerns of faculty in 2012:

  1. Integrity of student submissions
  2. Concerns about privacy
  3. Lack of integration with LMS
  4. Takes too much time to learn or use
  5. Lack of support by institution

Concerns of faculty in 2013

  1. Integrity of student submissions
  2. Concerns about privacy
  3. Separate courses and personal accounts
  4. Grading and assessment
  5. Inability to measure effectiveness
  6. Lack of integration with LMS
  7. Takes too much  time to learn
  8. Lack of support at institution

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